Time to put some new spice in the game!

Since the beginning, this is the spirit of these young, talented and wild G’s whom sold their souls to any kind of music. Dissatisfied with the House-Music nowadays the G-Nutz determined to do literally a „drive-by-shooting“ on this electronical genre of music.

Therefore they established a new kind of house, which they simply called „G-House“. It is the kind of music when you sitting in your ride, drivin through the hood and bangin the sound out of your speakers.

They blend the raw Hip-Hop-Elements and cold Gangster-Attitudes with the (almost too happy) world of sun-glasses in night-clubs, tight-ass Hipster-Jeans and neon colors which became symbols for today’s House-Music.

They put typical Old-Skool-Hip-Hop-Samplez, right into a typical 4/4 house-barrel, aim it at your ear and pull the trigger in order to refresh your bored soul. To keep it simple: Listen to their music and you will find out that their style is unique, their sound is distinctive and ensures a high degree of recognition.

Let’s go NUTZ!